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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were endorsed by all United Nations Member States at the 2000 Millennium Summit, and provide ambitious targets for addressing the world’s most staggering health and poverty issues. Health is at the core of the MDGs as three of the eight MDGs , 8 of the 18 targets, and 18 of the 48 indicators are health-related. Although the MDGs do not provide a comprehensive list of health targets, they are however an important milestone in progress towards health for all.  

Unfortunately, too many low income countries are not on track to achieve the health related MDGs. Meeting the MDGs, or even substantial progress towards meeting them, would produce a healthier, more economically sound world. However, failure to reach the health targets means that the economic, social and epidemiological burden of disease will continue to exert a profoundly negative influence on human development around the world.

Given today’s reality of inadequate progress towards achieving several of the health-related MDGs, an urgent change is required to meet the challenges of introducing and scaling-up effective public health interventions, and overcoming inequity in access and health outcomes. Healthy Images Consulting Limited was thus established to serve as the leading change agent in the health and development sector to drive the process of making Health for All a reality.


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