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Lagos, Nigeria

Established in July 2005, Healthy Images Consulting Limited is a registered international professional services firm specializing in the health and development sector with a mission to create a healthier world through health education, promotion and service delivery by utilizing up-to-date proven medical knowledge and adopting appropriate methodologies and technologies.

The challenges being encountered in achieving health for all and ensuring sustainable human development demand authoritative advice over a wide range of inter-related issues. Our specialists work with our many associate consultants to provide the right skill sets for every job assignment. This advice must then be brought together to form a fully integrated solution.

Healthy Images Consulting Limited is dedicated to improving people’s health through the provision of a diverse range of cutting-edge advisory, managerial and technical services to assist our clients in developing, implementing and managing appropriate, cost-effective and revolutionary health care solutions to address all of today’s health care challenges.

In Nigeria, Healthy Images Consulting Limited works in close partnership with the public sector, private sector, international health and development organizations, multinational and national corporations, not-for-profit organizations and other local stakeholders in addressing prevailing health challenges by developing, implementing and promoting appropriate, evidence-based health sector responses.

Through our rapidly expanding portfolio of work both locally and internationally, we are:

» Improving the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of our clients concerning topical health issues and disease conditions
» Improving the health-seeking behaviour patterns of our clients
» Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other infections and improving care for those people affected by them
» Increasing the availability of adequately trained and skilled health care professionals cutting across various disciplines and specialities in the health sector
» Improving access to quality health care products and services; and ultimately
» Improving the health of men, women and children, especially those who live in resource-constrained settings


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